Genius kitchen???

Maybe I am slow to notice but seems like all of a sudden when I search for recipes this ‘genius kitchen’ seems to be the first 3 4 or even 5 google links. At least I recently learned to use the “-“ in searches to exclude sites I don’t care for (ie pinterest and now genius kitchen).
Is genius kitchen a new site or just recently pushed up?

Looks like it launched in September by Scripps (Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel ect…) as their new online network replacing

I wondered that too…thanks for asking the question. And for posting the “-” option…didn’t know about that.


In the Internet age you should really understand Boolean logic for searches.

+, -, AND, OR, NOT, "

Thanks for the info, I can do without the attitude.


I got 2 spam mail from them just now.

Also try using

  • quotes (“xyz”) alongside - when searching for something specific.

  • asterisks. They are like a wild card within searches and when looking for a less definite info.

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I noticed the same with Spruce. Suddenly regularly showing up at the top of my searches. How do they do that?

I do try to be specific when recipe searching online, otherwise you end up with a lot of corporate sites, followed by all those awful blogger sites. The ones with a ton of repetitious photos, then a recipe at the bottom. And most of the recipes are simply an Ina Garten or NYT recipe, or something taken from a cookbook, with no credit to the original author.