Gene is coming "home-ish"! Boston, MA

Perhaps this was already mentioned i9 the regional openings/closings thread, but JOY UPON JOY!!! I was the first Chowhound to discover the original place and post about it. Through the connections of another Hound, the Globe took an interest, which really started the buzz-ball rolling. Hence, I take a certain maternal pride in his success and look forward to the opening.


I finally got over there today, and was delighted to see Gene at the helm. He told me they opened on Christmas Day. The hot&sour dumpling soup was a terrific way to break a 12-hour bloodwork-related fast. This is a VERY filling soup. If I had gotten it as takeout it would have made two lunches. The seating area looks to me to be about the same size as the original Chelmsford location, but there’s a larger kitchen area. Gene told me that he hadn’t actually been looking for a 3rd location but the pizza shop owner’s family, who had been Chelmsford cafe regulars, told him that the space was becoming available. He decided to go for it, probably partially for old time’s sake. He lives closest to the Woburn location. He arrives in Boston by 6, heads to Woburn mid-morning, finishing his 13-hour day in Westford. So he’s really got his hands full, and I wonder if he’ll decide to close one of the cafes at some future date.