Gelato in NJ

First of all a happy & healthy New Year to all.
So I was in the Tuscany store in Marlboro yesterday & saw quart size containers labeled “Homemade Gelato “ . 2 of my favorite words in the world. For 15 bucks I gotta try it…
Got the pistachio flavor & it was excellent.Due to my dietary restrictions I am only able to eat gelato & not ice cream. The quality of the gelato was excellent with no after taste.
I am a fan of Lola’s in Asbury & not so much of Del Ponte’s in Bradley Beach anyone got a place with high quality gelato?
I highly recommend Tuscany’s in Marlboro .


Cafe 360 in Freehold Boro makes their own gelato. Livotti’s ( Freehold location) also sells it, but I have not tried.

I left out Cafe 360 because their Gelato is terrible in my opinion.
Most stores sell Talenti gelato which is ok but nothing special.
Looking for some new homemade sources but I am good with Tuscany’s version.

Amici Cafe in Asbury Park is delicious and housemade.

I have been meaning to try that place , thanks.
Have you tried them? Any favorites?

I haven’t been in a while, but I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried - even the deep chocolate - and I’m truly not a chocolate freak! I’m no expert but always think the flavors run deep, which is something I appreciate. He’s making all of it on site, too–sometimes you can watch him in the window on the left side of the shop.

Just be sure to check their FB page for hours because they do fluctuate (and he’s just getting over Covid).

Hint: a few days a week they also have REAL soft-serve frozen yogurt. As in, the original tart stuff. Very hard to find, and I’m a big fan.

Thanks for the tip.
Frozen yogurt currently not on my dietary allowable list.
I have found their hours a bit erratic the past year as his posted hours didn’t coincide with reality.
Hopefully he will be well enough in 2022 so he can be legit with his posted hours.

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Based on the times I’ve been in there, staffing has also been an issue, which is a shame. The place is adorable and I think the gelato is very good! With you that he can get it together this year.