GBBO in (almost) real time on Netflix

The newest episode of he current season of Great British Bake-Off, which began in August, airs every Friday. Just one so far. This time it’s thirteen contestants. In whatever episode they deem it appropriate, the judges will dismiss two of them. This batch skews young, with three lads barely out of knickers! That’s not so much of an exaggeration. One of them LOOKS like a high school freshman, and in the
first episode, another one’s voice cracked slightly. When jokingly asked if his voice was changing, he recovered quickly by exclaiming, “Finally!”

This is so weird. I have been unable to find this episode on Netflix, searching every way I know now. I just assumed it was actually starting this coming Friday, Sept. 6th

This is what shows up when I search it on Netflix. The first one is season 6

On my screen, the new season, #7, was right there on the Newly Added shows row.
Maybe if you click into the first one on the left, on the screenshot you posted, then stop playback and go to the season options, it will be there.

I was a bit surprised to find only one episode in the new season list - was all set for two or three episode binge over the long weekend. But, hey, one is better than none. It will be like old timey television when you look forward to Friday night television.

Roxlet - sorry you can’t find the new season. I just brought up the GBBS tab, clicked on the other seasons list, and there it was. Hopefully you find it soon.

It began airing in the U.K. on 8/20, and Netflix shows it 10 days later.

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