[Gatley, Greater Manchester] Zalo's Cafe

A new opening in the village for this Turkish run café. It’s a nice, spotless space, with friendly staff and a menu of the usual sandwich and breakfasty things. In amongst the latter, there’s a Turkish breakfast – Sucuk yumurta. Literally (so Google tells me) that’s “sausage egg” but this is much more than that. It comes on two plates – one hot, one cold. On the hot, there’s fried peppers and slivers of a very spicy sucuk sausage, topped with two fried eggs. There’s also a slice of fried helim cheese and a borek (which could have been crisper) with an indeterminate filling. On the cold plate, olives, cherry tomatoes, slices of cucumber and feta, a lovely, crisp bread “quoit”, topped with sesame seeds and little packs of honey and jam. It all works – and I doubt I’m going to want lunch.


A photo from around 1900, I think.

The building to the right was the Primitive Methodist chapel and is now Piccolo

To the left, the building with all the windows is where Zalo’s Cafe is located (a definite improvement on the estate agents that was there until recently)