[Gatley, Greater Manchester] Piccolo - one of the few restaurants keeping going on home delivery during the lockdown

I really appreciate the fact that, during the current period of lockdown, Piccolo is still serving local customers with a new home delivery service. It wouldnt be right to review dinner in the detail I might do if actually in the restaurant.

We ordered, and enjoyed, a three course meal. Everything was fine – the food arrived hot, packed in takeaway cartons (so don’t expect restaurant elegance here)

For starters, there was a version of melanzana alla Parmigiana – baked aubergine with tomato. And spinach and mozzarella arancini.

Lasagne for one of the mains. And a mixed salad to go with it. And veal florentina – I’ve had this before in the restaurant – which came with spuds and mixed veg.

Tiramisu for dessert – a pretty decent version, not overly sweet and with the flavour of booze, just as it should be.


Morning John

Great to see you still posting during the chaos - hope you and yours are all well.

I did wonder about whether we should start a thread about best/worst thing you have eaten ( or drunk ! ) on lockdown but not sure where that would go ?
What do you reckon ?


Morning, mate. Yes, we’re well so far - considerably isolated as we both fall into the “vulnerable” group with existing health conditions (not the “super vulnerable” who can’t leave home at all). Hope you are OK, as well.

New thread could be fun - anything that gets a chuckle at present has to be a good thing.