[Gatley, Greater Manchester] Gatley Turkish Kebab House

Yes, it’s yet another takeaway opening in Gatley which, in the last couple of years or so, has become Takeaway City. There’s at least a dozen and heaven knows how any of them make a profit with that amount of competition. Particularly when none of them are much good. At least this one isn’t another Indian. And it has a three or four tables for eating-in. So, I went for lunch.

Lunch centred around eight small kofte kebabs, flattened into patties. They also do a smaller version but, to paraphrase John Lewis, I am never knowingly underfed. Four would have been enough unless you had come with monumental greed (to which I refer you to the previous sentence). These are good kebabs – moist, well seasoned meat grilled with a little charring on the outside. There’s nice fresh salad – lettuce, cabbage, onion, cucumber, pickled peppers. Two carbs – rice and half a pitta. And lovely tomato, chilli sauce which was still numbing the lips a couple of minutes after I’d left. And all this a bargain at less than seven quid.

When I went to pay, only the kebab was charged. I said, “I also had a bottle of water”. She said, “Forget it”. I said “Thanks”. Good customer relations going on there.



Apparently going to become yet another takeaway pizza place. As if the three already in the village weren’t enough.

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