Gas Range - starting some research

Yes to both those locations. And yes to moving by accident. I am not very tall and when I reach back to clean or use a burner I somehow manage to turn the gas on. Not to mention little kids can access the front knobs

Hah! My dials are also at the front, and I have turned them unintentionally with my torso dozens of times. Of course, I always turn the heat up, never down. I’m lucky when I quickly notice it.

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Jealousy !!!

Hopefully this info will be helpful to the OP or others.

Anecdotally I’ve heard great things about the GE Cafe Series - seems to be a great product, many different configurations, as well as sleek good looks.

We went with mostly DCS/Fischer Paykel appliances in our kitchen remodel; going on four years, I’d buy them again, as we’ve had no problems.

We have two ovens, but I’ll focus on the main one. The oven pictures don’t quite reflect how roomy it is. It’s a great size for holiday roasts, and the like, and has easy glide, heavy duty racks. It is dual fuel, with gas burners on the range. No electronics in the oven, not even a timer or light. This is good, because I’d feel comfortable using the self clean feature if I needed to.

Knobs are on the front, but due to the handle sticking out, and a front lip, I’ve never accidentally turned them on/off/adjusted unintentionally.

LOVE the range part - four large burners and two smaller ones. This stove will hold a true simmer, unlike many others I’ve worked with. Of course, depending on what I have or amount in any given pan, sometimes I’ll still use a flame tamer. The big burners are wonderful when I’m making large batches of jam or canning, stocks, soups and etc.

To remember when purchasing any appliances, it’s wise to make sure you’re in a service area for the make of your

These ranges do come in different sizes, configurations, and they make cooktops too.


I wish I had room for something like that,

I’m really thankful to have it @bcc! Wish I’d had it when I was cooking a lot more than I am now; I frequently had all 4 burners on my last one in use, with big pots on them, so it’s great being able to spread out a little.

I have a Wolf 4-burner 30" range, and I adore it. Gas cooktop and gas oven. It’s over 15 years old, and it still was working well and looked good when I remodeled the kitchen last year, so I kept it. If I were to do it again, maybe I would have gotten the electric oven way back when I bought it, but I do bake a fair amount (and have also baked in an electric oven) and haven’t run into any issues.

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When we remolded our kitchen I had a gas range top installed. We don’t have natural gas in our area so had to put in a 50lb propane tank. Takes a while before the tank needs to be refilled, maybe once a year. It also supplies our fireplace but being in Fla we rarely ever use it

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