Garlic & Harvest Festival 10/10-11/15 (Bethlehem, CT)

Hoping to get there this weekend. Never been before, but definitely sounds fun and interesting! Too bad it’s too early to get Christmas cards stamped. :wink:

Looks fun but $8 to get in seems a little steep for a garlic festival, I could see if it was a county fair but not a garlic fest

Yeah, you know, you raise a good point. Still, we’ll see what the weekend brings.

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Shoot, been wanting to get to this for ages…did you go, what did you think? Was it worth the $8?

I didn’t get there, sadly. Maybe next year someone will want to go with me.

I will go with you!

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Deal! :smile:

I just saw this thread…if it is anything like the garlic festival in NY, you didn’t miss much. Very commercial, not a lot garlic, cheap crafts, not great food…

I am surprised anybody grows garlic in either NY or CT. I would have thought it needed a much warmer climate.

Nope! Someone just a few miles from me grows it and it’s excellent–and hers came the long way from Siciliy via NY. :slight_smile:

ETA: And one of my cousins grows it out in the wilderness of British Columbia, too!

Is it grown in the ground as an overwintering annual that regenerates, or do they need pull it up or replant each year?

I do remember coming across “wild garlic” in the northeast, but it was not delicious (and the bulbs were tiny, as I recall).

Part of the reason it surprises me is that one doesn’t encounter garlic in many traditional dishes in Europe away from milder-weather Mediterranean countries. One typically thinks of shallots, onions, leeks, chives in the snowy north, but not garlic – although I admit I don’t know anything about Polish cooking or many regional dishes of Germany. And many very cold climates in Asia are garlic-crazy.

I’ll have to ask, but it may be a while.

I have purchased garlic repeatedly at farmers markets in Columbia and Dutchess Counties. The garlic always seems to be bland and pasty … much more like elephant garlic in taste, but it’s not elephant garlic…I find it slightly nauseating

I am in CT and I planted garlic about 3 weeks ago and mulched with hay

Never grew it before but “they” say it is just like a spring bulb that you plant in the fall

It doesn’t regrow, you harvest the bulbs and then plant again

You can plant in the early spring too

a lot of people also like the scapes

I planted Musik garlic from Baker Creek