Gargiulo’s* (Formerly Portifinos) Tinton Falls NJ

Well welcome to Hungry Onion or Ho’ as we like to call it as well as referring to ourselves as Ho’s. (Don’t get any funny idea’s!!!)

Nice to have another local personality on the site, as you can tell we have a pretty robust Monmouth County representation, however there are plenty of members from all over the state as well. (I don’t know where @paryzer you live, but I’ve got a feeling you are going to have to move south soon)

Here is the formal “Welcome to Hungry Onion” thread should you want to introduce yourself to the broader audience, as you have a look around you will see the site contains a lot more than just local information.

Sorry you weren’t very impressed with Angelica’s, it’s pretty popular on here but only on the off season, I ain’t got no time for the wait that place generates during the summer. (I’ll bet you didn’t get the veal chop - that dish in particular is to die for)

Funny you bring up Attillio’s, you will see in the Pizza Pizza Pizza thread I just spun off from this one I just mentioned that is my personal favorite pizza in the area. (I too am very local to that area)

Again welcome to HO !!!

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I go to Anjelicas a lot and I’ll be the first one to tell you some of their items are overpriced. They get away with it being in that area. Never had a bad meal there though. I find it always consistent and some specials are very good. Could maybe chalk it up to a bad night but I’ve been places for the first time where it turned me off I’ve never went back so I know where you’re coming from @NJ-GUY.

FYI - Lately they have had this baked capellini appetizer as a special made with egg yolk, cheese and guanciale (maybe pancetta) which I’ve ordered the past few times (only for 2 people). Comes out in a round pizza type pan. A couple weeks back I order it for a few of us and ask the waiter (who knows me) to bring a portion for us to share. Now this was slightly bigger than the other times I have ordered it for only 2 people but was enough for everyone to get a taste. Everyone loved it so no issue there. Bill comes at the end of the night… $48!!! Remember this is just pasta, eggs, cheese and cured meat. So be warned.

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To be fair to Angelica’s I think we live in a higher end price point area. As I noted in my recent review of Semolina (which I will be returning to tonight) I paid $ 33. for a pork chop! A friggin pork chop! Was it good? (actually it was excellent) Yes, but still it’s a pork chop.

Nettie’s House of Spaghetti, $ 20. for ONE double cut lamb chop. Again, it was excellent but ONE chop.

This is what makes The Greek Spot in Ocean a favorite of mine, the lamb shank is $ 12.95 (They might have raised it to $ 13.95) comes over a bed of orzo and a delicious side salad too!! In any of the restaurants we are mentioning that meal would be $ 40. + so you just can’t beat that deal if you ask me.

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#PizzaRobby, you had me at egg yolk, cheese and guanciale. Is this like a pasta frittata? One of my favorite things to do with leftover cacio e pepe is to have it in eggs the morning after (and adding more pepper and cheese of course).

I do like Angelica’s, but never go because you need to book a good month out, and I’m just not that good a planner.


Not a frittata but more like a baked pasta dish with a thick sauce. It is pretty damn good…salty…cheesy…all the good stuff. If you’re there and they have it I would suggest getting it.

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Gargiulo’s is aiming for a mid to late June opening but there are no guarantees.


I drove by angelicas tonight at precisely 6:08

It was actually drizzling at that time and there were 2 tables eating in the rain outside. That is wild that this place was railed at 6 o’clock and folks were willing to sit in the rain (granted there was an umbrella to cover them, but still…)

It is not even summer yet.

I could use a Berkshire chop right about now.

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Couldn’t we all! :star_struck:

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Ferrucci’s in Little Silver sells them if you feel liking cooking some up for Mothers Day…

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Just had one at Semolina and I think I can say it’s the best I’ve ever had.


I will have to check that out…thanks

Do they cut them to order or do you have to buy them presliced?

I bought them presliced. They were probably an inch thick. Can’t hurt to ask though!

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Hey new guys! Where did you all go?


For a building can’t be more than 2,500 sq foot they are gutting and redesigning the entire interior. I’m surprised at the amount of work they are doing, today on my way to work they were already at work painting the exterior. No more dismal blue, looks like they were going with a tan. I’m really looking forward to this opening.


same- that spot sat idle for a pretty long time; wouldn’t be surprised if it needed enough work that it was just easier to start all over. hoping they really up the game in the immediate vicinity. I think being that close to Colts Neck with a legit Brooklyn known commodity is going to ensure their success. However, would be nice to have another legit option outside the RB,Rumson,SB glut; esp one so close to me…lol


I’m really starting to wonder if you are my neighbor.

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If I was I’d be by for food WAY too often…


Feeling the same. In the colder half of the year, I’m happily situated between downtown Tinton Falls and Tavern 19.

drove by today- place looks more pleasing the eye than the prior do-up. Looking fwd to this spot for sure!

how is parking here- I never made it to the previous iteration.

There is dedicated parking “behind” the building - at least that was the case the last time we were there - shortly before it closed.

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