Garden in God's pizza oven

The lowest high temp in the last week or more has been 106, I think, and dry as can be. I’m glad I didn’t do tomatoes this year. The eggplants are still cranking out fruit, I swear they can take anything as long as they have enough water. DH put a sun shade over the stock tank, which has helped a lot. I have rocotillo chiles from bogman planted in various containers that are so far doing well, although they aren’t blooming much but at least they haven’t keeled over dead and I thought I saw a few buds. Water, fertilize, repeat, and pray for rain.


I was wondering how your garden was growing! About 95-107 here for the last week, but cools off considerably at night. What are your nights like? I just saw on the news that 97f was the low in Arizona !

That was probably in Phoenix, or maybe Yuma, they get hotter than we do. We’ve had lows close to 90, but the Phx area is also more humid, which keeps the nighttime temps up.
I remember going to dinner in Phoenix with some friends, and when we got back in the car to go home, around 9:30, the thermometer in their car said it was 106 out. Seeing that made it feel even worse somehow!

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It was Phoenix. Any thoughts about why the climate is different?

I found this;


Elevation. Flagstaff is almost 7000’ above sea level, Phoenix 1k. I once went to the Grand Canyon in May and got snowed on!


Tucson is around 2600-3000 feet. Plus it’s the 4th largest city in the US, with miles and miles of asphalt to absorb heat…
Also, Phoenix is hogging all the water, adding to the humidity which keeps it from cooling down at night


Would not have guessed Phoenix was in the top 10! Maybe they’re counting city limits only, not the greater metro population for cities like SF, Portland, Seattle.

I moved to Tucson one January when I couldn’t stand the rain anymore, lasted until the 4th of July when I couldn’t take the heat :sweat_smile: Amazing that anything stays alive through that!

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