Had a chance to hit up this new place from the Ganko-Ittetsu Ramen folk last week when I was slumming on vacation. (Note: I’ve never eaten the ramen here). At the end of last week they had unfortunately not yet gotten the okonomiyaki grill fired up, so all they had was the takoyaki. They’re not super cheap at over 9$ for an order, but they were really great–big chunks of octopus in each one, with a well cooked exterior but a soft inside for the octopus ball itself. Covered with mayo and seaweed and lots of bonito flakes. Just like they should be.

Place is small with a few seats and a pseudo-Japanese wooden food stall set up inside. On the strength of the takoyaki, I’d say that the Hiroshima style okonomiyaki here might be something that’s going to be worth a look.

They said last week that this Monday they’d be doing the okonomiyaki thing. Would happily return.


Trying to keep things clean on this family site, but those balls look awesome. Right up B’s alley.


If these are the real deal home made ones, I’d splurge on them. Most of the ones here at local Japanese places seem to be the same as the pre-made frozen ones that you can buy at the market. They’re still a good 6-7 bucks an order too.

I’d love to try to okonomiyaki once that is ready!