Gansevort Rooftop Meatpacking nyc

Go for the view. The rooftop at the Gansevort Hotel has a great view. The drinks are expensive, even for Manhattan. A bottle of Brooklyn Lager was $13 and a vodka martini ( well ) was $23.

Of course we expected to pay a premium for our drinks. The mistake we made was ordering a nosh to go with them. We decided on a hot sopressata flatbread. The “hot sopressata” turned out to be ordinary pepperoni, and the “flatbread” was possibly the worst pizza I ever tasted. We were hungry and didn’t even finish one teeny slice each. OMG! It had no redeeming qualities.

So, if your plans include a stop here for the view, pay them for the drinks and keep your hunger in check.


I’ve enjoyed many a martini at the Gansevort, the price seems about right. lol The Old Homestead (original) is but a few steps away, I have enjoyed many a meal and after dinner cocktail at the two. Beautiful views, hope you enjoyed.


It was a beautiful day to enjoy that beautiful view ty! A great spot to hang out with great friends.