Galveston these days? (December 2016)

Anybody been recently? Anything new and of interest? I expect to make a quick jaunt in the next week or so - what should I hit?

I haven’t been in a while, but there’s a second location of the locally owned Shrimp N Stuff “downtown” on 23rd street that people are liking. There’s a place on 61st street I’ve wanted to try called Cajun Greek Seafood. It’s been there a long time.

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I went there about a year ago. It was very good.

We went to Cajun Greek about five years ago and I don’t remember it, however, if it was bad I would have definitely remembered it.

This was the old location of The Seafood Depot run by the irascible Sonny Martini. The double fish basket was unbeatable.

I worked in Galveston over a year and had this many times returning from fishing or while working in Galveston.

I ‘m a Benno’s on the Beach guy and have been going there since they opened in the 80’s’ The wifeacita and I were there a couple of months ago and our buddy Mary Jane took care of us with our usual Cajun crabs, fried and spicy and Cajun oysters, blackened.

The crabs were slightly overcooked but that’s a difficult dish to time. Leave a lot of time to eat the crabs. Some consider it work, we don’t. The oysters were perfect, both served with garlic bread to mop up the goodness.

I’ve had the fried seafood a few times and it’s good but I’ll stick to my favorites.

I’ve replicated the oyster dish, butter and oil, oysters dredged in flour and plenty of Cajun seasoning, saute for a couple of minutes. Each batch comes out blacker than the first, just how we like it.

I’m still working on that Gulf view.

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I finally got to the Downtown Shrimp N Stuff for lunch today. I guess I ordered the wrong thing - fish poboy. The fish was said to be tilapia, but it tasted like catfish, the kind that has a “dirt” taste to it. I thought tilapia was a strange choice for a Texas coastal restaurant. Something local would have been nice. But the place was completely full even though it was storming outside. I’ll have to try again.

There’s a limited amount of fresh fish commercially available, flounder lacking in flavor fried, best grilled or blackened, relatively expensive, red snapper, expensive, black drum, I’m surprised it’s not widely available like it is in the neighboring country of Louisiana, and sheepshead, often marketed as bay snapper.

Wow, that just sent chills up and down my spine–and not the good kind. :astonished:

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