Galveston reccos

Got the brother and sis in law coming from Kansas City. Both grew up here and miss Gulf Coast seafood. We’re hitting Red Snapper Inn Surfside on the way down, Benno’s for crabs and blackened oysters, plus maybe the Gumbo Bar.

Any other ideas are welcome plus non-seafood ideas.

I like the patio at Olympia Grill on Pier 21. If it’s hot, the windows offer a great view from inside. If you are there around 4, most days a cruise will be leaving from the adjacent berth and will be sounding its horn for you.

I’ve also been frequenting Mario’s Seawall for 20 years or more. Great pizza and seafood pastas. And the view…itza nicea. If they have the buffet out, skip it and order from the menu. I recommend pepperoni and jalapeno pizza. (Mario’s 61st street doesn’t have the view and is owned by a relation).

Those are really the two places I go to when in Galvy for the most part. Shrimp N Stuff has opened a second location downtown on 23rd and many of my friends are reporting great times there. The original location is a locals favorite tucked in a neighborhood on 39th south of Broadway. My beer loving sibling had a Tiki beer there last week from Galveston Island Brewing Co. whilst enjoying the sunny patio.

I shall await your report.

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I’ve been known to call in an order for Mario’s pizza from the ferry after five or so hours of wade fishing. Nothing tastes better after getting up at 4 am especially with an ice chest full of speckled trout. I’d already penciled them in for a pie before returning.

I always thought that Olympia was owned by the Fertitta empire but some quick research proved other wise. I’ll bounce it off the parties concerned.

Yeah, no. The only Tilman place I go to is also at 21st St. Pier, Fisherman’s Warf and only for the deck and close up view of the Elissa if she’s in port, and if we are squiring visitors around town. I did once have a really good redfish dish there, but it’s hit and miss.

I worked for a year in Galveston in the mid-90’s. The locals swore that the Landry’s was a cut above others since the T-man was down there so often. I went once and had oysters and some appetizer that I don’t remember, so it was ok or I would remember it if it was good or bad.

We ate at Willie G’s once and I was reminded why we don’t go to TF investments. I got an email from the restaurant later asking me for feedbback. I responded honestly and without rancor why my fish was disappointing (overcooked). The next day the manager CALLED ME at home and left a message to call her back to discuss and apologizing. I didn’t call her back, I figured my feedback was enough, but wow, that’s follow up. They are trying for sure, but have you seen TF’s show Billion Dollar Buyer? His approach to keeping expenses down explains a lot.

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Ostiones =oysters in Spanish.

Four days in Galveston, oysters every day. Brother, sis-in-law, Wifeacita and I started our sojourn bypassing dreaded Gulf Freeway and went through Surfside and the Red Snapper Inn. We all got variations of shrimp or shrimp and oyster po boys, extra oysters. I want someone to tell me where better fried shrimp and oysters are.

The next day, Waffle House, say no more, followed up by Benno’s on the Beach. The star of the show was the blackened oysters, repeat the next day. Everybody had oysters except sis-in-law who had two just ok shrimp dishes. She was warned to order the oysters.

Lambsy, after day one I pitched Olympia Grill but it was shot down by sis-in-law who said there were three items on the menu at 28 bucks. I checked the website when I got home and she was just seeing the daily specials, oh well.

Last day, Benno’s, why not? I got fried, very good and Wifeacita a whole fried catfish. The brother and his wife were headed back to Kansas City. He grew up here and says he can’t get oysters up there plus he raved about the hushpuppies which are unavailable, an afterthought to me.

The whole fried catfish was a showstopper. Crispy on the outside with very moist tender fish. It will be a must order along with the blackened oysters.

We went to Mario’s Seawall for dessert, a half cheese, half sausage pizza to go. I ate one cheese slice and we took the rest to go, really good pizza.

The Wifeacita just made leftover blackened oysters along with other goodies. That’s ostiones five straight days.


Forgot to mention we also had fried and boiled blue crab at Benno’s. Big, fat ones full of meat. Delicious.

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Excellente, Senor.

Glad to hear your experience at Red Snapper was so good. I have not been in a long time.

Benno’s is my favorite spot in Galveston. I know I’ve had the catfish po boy but not the blackened oysters or whole fried cat. Must try.

I’m off to Yepl to look for pretty pictures.

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Oh how I love whole fried catfish!! I will have to try Bennos again since I’ve only been one time and what I ordered was not good at all. I’ve never heard of blackened Oysters though I do prefer my oysters raw.

Great report and trip! Thanks!

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The whole fried catfish will be a must order every time, it’s that good. I also prefer raw oysters but this time of year it is tough to find them in Galveston, as it should be, however with the influx of new restaurants I’m sure some serve them. I won’t eat raw oysters in the summer, but in season I’ve become a minimalist, just oysters in their liquor with a dab of sauce on one or two.

Lambsy the blackened oysters are nicely spiced and cooked perfectly, nice and plump.

Any Texas history buff should visit the Bryan Museum in a restored 1895 orphanage. With some inside help we were treated to a private tour. It has one of the world largest collections of Texas and old western exhibits from pre-Columbian to the 20th century. Lots of artwork, firearms, letters from Colonel Travis at the Alamo, too many to list.

I follow it on Facebook but haven’t been yet.

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Go. Soon. Get a whole fried catfish, and some crabs, and some oysters. The museum is closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

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