Galveston crabs, the great, the bad, the worse plus other meals

We went through Surfside down 288 for the Red Snapper Inn. 288 was under construction last year but now it totally blows, coming over every overpass and it’s like a Formula One race course with all the twists and turns and kooky drivers.

Red Snapper Inn was as good as always with a perfect fried oyster poboy plus some a la carte shrimp on the side. A soft shell fried crab was just okay.

We get to Galveston Monday night, got the fried crabs at Benno’s which were fresh but way overcooked, stringy meat. The blackened oysters had a liver flavor and being a Monday probably the bottom of the barrel.

We did get several perfect orders of blackened oysters later in the week.

Tuesday back at Benno’s and our buddy Mary Jane rode herd on the cook resulting in some of the best crabs I’ve ever eaten, plump meat with tasty Cajun seasoning. Edit coming. We also had a whole grilled flounder I’ll rate as pretty good.

Part 2 tomorrow.