Gallery Bugs

@hungryonion the grid gallery still seems to be broken.

Edit: n/m the grid gallery worked after a little while.

Also, FYI there are two gallery icons in the create post box that appear to do the same thing:


Have to look into why there are duplicate icons…

Iirc, the upload icon used to be where one of those is (after the update I couldn’t find it, because it had moved to the bottom right of the window).

Would it be possible to set up a shared Hungry Onion gallery on Flikr or Google Photos or Smugmug or some other photo sharing site and then provide a link in the post to the photos there? Posting a lot of photos directly to Hungry Onion seems to slow things down and doesn’t offer the options that these other sites do. Also, they can handle video, which HO needs more of.

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Can you share the examples of when the slowdown happen? Its better to address the slowdown (if its not software-related) versus put the photos somewhere else.

Reason for that is twofold:

Flickr or other online photo hosting service can change and has changed terms of service from time to time, e.g. Flickr substantially lowered the free tier benefit earlier this year. So its somewhat tricky to host the files somewhere else without having some sort of guarantee.

Controlling for access right is tricky. To be able to upload to e.g. Flickr, we need to share password and user ID to that account publicly. So anyone on the web can add, delete and change the photos on there.

Video I’d agree with you, its better hosted somewhere else.

Interestingly the bug seems to only happen on this site. The devs can’t seem to duplicate it on their side. So its probably something custom that we did that cause the bug. Will have to look into it further.

Hi sck,

Speed - when there are 10 or so photos on a post lined up vertically, there’s a wait of a few seconds for each photo to reach full resolution and there is a lot of slow scrolling. It may due to my basic computer and basic dsl connection. I don’t see that hiccup when using Google Photos or SmugMug and they have a slideshow option which makes viewing automatic.

Sharing - I don’t know which services might a the ability for members of a group to upload photos to the same album or whether that would take a password or just a link. Google Photos currently has no limits except is compresses high resolution still photos over 16 megapixels but their policies could change in the future.

SmugMug (which recently bought Flikr) is well-respected and their basic plans is about $50 per year. I don’t know how their sharing/collaboration features might work though I do have an account.

Video _WeVideo is a cloud-based video that’s easy and allows collaboration geared for schools, non-profits and business. I’ve only played with it briefly. Here’s a link to a detailed review of WeVideo -

If there is additional expense involved in beefing up photo/video hosting for HO, I’d be willing to contribute to that cost.

Its not because of any computer or connection. When we upgraded to the recent software version about a couple of months ago, the new version has a feature called ‘lazy loading’, which initially only provides a blurry version of photos in the first 20 posts that are off the screen. the software knows the user needs to see the images and load the full version when the user scrolls through those 20 posts.

This is to improve page loading performance for slow connections, though it probably introduces a side effect that page loads take longer in fast connections.

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On mobile, the “preview” button is off screen, only visible with landscape mode. Maybe because the duplication of icons?