Galleria to downtown - where to eat Houston, TX

I’ll be staying in houston from friday- tuesday over the 4th of July and am looking for great places to eat. I haven’t been to town for a year so anything new and amazing I should try in that area? I had great meals at the pass and etoile last time. Open to any cuisine besides bbq and mexican and budget isn’t an issue.

I’ve never been to any of them, but they’re new(ish) and come to me recommended.

Steak 48


Southern Goods

Foreign Correspondents

Antica Osteria

I can recommend State of Grace. Great food in a great environment.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Doobie, do you have any personal recommendations? They don’t have to be new places, just places that are putting out great food now. Where would you want to go for your next nice date?

Also, anyone been to damarcos recently? I’ve never managed to make it there and its been on my list for ages…

I’m about as far west from the Galleria as downtown is far east so it’s not really my area.

My favorite “nice” place in Houston is Brennan’s, the Houston outpost of the venerable New Orleans restaurant dynasty.

Also within your geographical parameter is Uchi. I had a great birthday dinner there once and had a blast at Uchiko in Austin a couple of times.

Lambsy eats better than I do and often eats in that area, so I would definitely listen to her advice.

But if you want “downmarket” way out west, I’m your guy!

My Table’s Review of Ritual

That looks fab! I will try Ritual soon.

Chris, I’ve also been to the side by side Hunky Dory and Bernadine’s Seafood and the food is very good at both, but the prices are a bit rich for me, especially the wines. Both are trendy right now and new in the Heights.