Galata Turkish Cuisine [Marlboro, NJ]

(Greg Caggiano) #1

After responding to the Bayroot thread, I wanted to share this experience at a restaurant in Marlboro which was very similar: Galata Turkish Cuisine. It’s not Lebanese like Bayroot, but they shared many of the same menu items. I enjoyed Bayroot very much, but my complaints were along the lines of a few other commenters: higher prices and smallish portions. Galata is different in that regard. The prices are lower, and they give a bit more food (including bottomless baskets of pita bread). The lunch special is an absolute deal and the interior is a bit nicer. Please see my full review here:


Nice write up. For 10.99 that seems like a decent lunch! Lamb isn’t cheap.

If you have the chance, try this spot. Muhammad is like the soup nazi. Lol. No he is actually a nice guy but super serious about food! If you talk to him and he recognizes you know food, get ready for a long conversation (if he is not waiting on customers.)

@joonjoon @NotJrvedivici @CurlzNJ have you guys tried his food? I think you will lIke it. This guy is super passionate and will accommodate your tastes.

(Jeff) #3

Nice looking menu. Worth trying.

(Greg Caggiano) #4

Thanks, and that is a great looking menu.

(Jeff) #5

We tried Galata for lunch today and were very glad we did. We shared the Galata salad, ezme and Haydari as apps and then shared the mixed grill. All were excellent as was the service. We definitely plan to return.


Mixed grill…oh boy. Jr better not get wind of this :smile:

We need some meat pics Jeff!

(Jeff) #7

The mixed grill had less quantity (no lamb chops) but I thought better flavor. Whatever herbs and spices they use really worked well.


Is this the former Sofra location?

(Jeff) #9

Yes, across the street from the Asian market on RT 79


Thanks. We used to go to Sofra every once in a while. It was always good but not great. Can you compare Sofra and Galata?

(Jeff) #11

This is based on only one visit but we thought it was better than Sofra. There is no doubt the service was better and we thought the food was much better. Also we felt it was more authentic, closer to what we have had in Turkey.


It looks like a road trip is in order.


Just say when!!!

(David) #14

Lol. I’m about to pick up a wrap from them for lunch now.

(Greg Caggiano) #15

Had another outstanding meal there tonight. Can’t say enough about the complimentary grilled pita bread. The hummus is great, but on the dry side. You can tell it is homemade. But that Baba Ganoush…that’s where it’s at! Delicious!


Also tried the Chicken Shish Kabob with Yogurt. Instead of being served dry with the usual rice and salad, they ditch those two sides and place the chicken over garlic pita. They then cover it with a zesty tomato sauce, place two dollops of yogurt on the side, and add a grilled tomato and long hot pepper. It was really something. One of the best middle eastern meals I have ever had.


The owner also walks around and is quite friendly. I happened to mention my food blog and he remember my post from February. He even remembered exactly what I ordered!