G. Detou, epicerie extraordinaire (Paris, 2e)

58 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002
I am sure that over time G.Detou has been discussed here, but I’m bumping it up because it is such a resource for anyone who cooks seriously.
The name, a play on words, says, “I have everything” which is only a slight exaggeration. Fine quality chocolate, vanilla beans, oils, flavorings (double strength vanilla!), pastry decorations, dried mushrooms, fonds, confitures, chestnut products (canned, pureed, candied, flour), canned confits and cassoulet, puff pastry and much more. An adjacent shop sells fresh foie gras and like products. Prices are very good, service and advice also good. I always stop once for items on my list and a second time for all that I forgot! This shop is frantically busy just before holidays, but serene otherwise.


I think the place itself is interesting to visit, the way of business is just like in the past. I don’t remember if the price quoted is before tax (or I mixed up with E.DEHILLERIN). In France, all price has the TVA included.

Don’t know why, but I’ve only been twice.

Yes, it is a step back in time, Clerks wear smocks. They will help you collect your merchandise, take it to their counter where they tally it up and give you a tab which to take to the “nice lady” in the cage who processes the sale. Then you go back to the counter and collect your goods.

They graciously suffer “Lookie Lous” with patience EXCEPT pre Easter and Christmas when the place is a zoo. And no wonder with their prices on gift chocolates, chestnuts and other holiday fare,


When I lived just outside Paris, Detou was a regular visit for me to stock up… I miss the chaos and barely being able to turn around.

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