Funky Potato Salad

I had a mad craving for potato salad the other day and I was in my local supermarket. I picked up a container of commercial potato salad - one I’ve had before and it had been good. When I opened it, the normally creamy dressing was kind of dry. The whole think looked like a solid piece of potato and stuff between. It tasted good, but I was looking for the creaminess. So, since my craving was not satisfied, I was in a better market yesterday and they make their own potato salad and put it in containers. It’s normally quite creamy. Well, again, same thing as the commercial one. It has been very hot here lately - could that be part of the problem? Why would normally creamy potato salad be almost solid from two different places?

Could their refrigerators be set too cold so that the ‘creamy’ dressing is congealing in there?

I’m thinking the potato salad just sat a while and just soaked up all the dressing. It doesn’t take long for that to happen, and i think that if the potatoes are still warm when dressing is added that is part of the problem

The magic of potato salad . I buy it from my local Italian deli . If I don’t eat it within two days it starts to morph . Moral of the story it’s not you it’s the potato salad . Not creamy .

I was thinking that since I thought, wow, was this frozen? And the potatoes were grainy, not sliced. Or had been sliced and turned grainy.

I still need some decent potato salad and I don’t feel like making it. Oh well!

Maybe it’s an issue with the local potato supply? Last year’s harvest that has been in storage or a shortage of one variety so they subbed another?

I have no explanation, but when PS is dry, I mix bottled ranch dressing, or creamy dill dressing, into each portion, just before eating.

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That is a good idea.

If you’re a Costco member, they are selling a “fully loaded” potato salad. Potato salad, with cheese, scallions, bacon bits and some sour cream. Light it ain’t (and I mean more so than regular potato salad)! But it is pretty tasty.


What kind of cheese?

Probably just standard shredded cheddar. I didn’t really notice since it’s all blended together.

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