Fung Bros Houston Vietnamese Food Crawl

I’ve never been to Houston, and watching this made me want to jump on a plane! Houstonians - any thoughts?



I’ve never been to any of those but I’ve heard about several of them.

There are a LOT of others. Houston really is a great place to eat any number of cuisines.

Thanks for posting that. It was fun.


I’ll have to put Houston on my food list!


not a Houstonian, but I went there as a tourist a few months ago and it’s a great place to visit and the food scene is amazing. I’d recommend it.


That was incredible. Thanks for posting that. I’m just getting around to watching it and I was rotflmao. Those guys are crazy. I suppose they didn’t eat all that in one day.

I remember seeing Nam Giao years ago when I headed over to Chinatown, approaching from the south. It’s not on the ‘main drag’ through the area and it wasn’t discovered for a couple of years. I thought it was a night club; there were no cars there at lunch time and not much online. I think it was the first place to serve Bun Bo Hue here but I’ve never been.

Been to Roostar (not that location). Packed. There’s been lots of press on them but there are a ton of good Banh Mi shops.

Ditto for Pho 54 — (never been to that one) — but there area a ton of Pho shops, of course. Can’t remember even hearing of that one but I’ve been to an Indonesian restaurant and Yemeni restaurant in that center.

There is a VIet Hoa International Foods place, right on the Beltway. Closest to me of the most well known huge supermarkets in Chinatown so I’ve been several times. Not as large as Hong Kong City Market, not as good produce as HK or Super H Mart in Spring Branch, but very impressive. Seafood department is not as large as HK or perhaps Super H but it’s big and has a lot more live fish tanks that HK. I remember being stunned by all the tanks of snails - maybe a half dozen - varieties I’d never heard of.

I did not know there was a Viet Hoa restaurant – I see it’s on the same street as Mien where Houston HOs had a meet up four or five years ago. I didn’t notice it then but it looks like a must try.

Hope those guys come back and post some more. Houston’s Chinatown is overwhelming both with Chinese and Vietnamese eateries. I think there is a local guide service and I need to do a tour! Heck, you need a tour just for the grocery stores.

Then there’s the Asia town booming out west around Katy. The original, Old Chinatown was east of downtown; not much left there. The original Little Saigon was just south of downtown.


Thanks. I’d forgotten about this. Now I want to go even more!
You might enjoy watching more Fung Bros on YouTube. They post twice a week and have started talking about other things besides food. I love them!

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I know I’ve watched something with them before, probably about San Francisco.