FunFunRamen House - Monroe

Just returned from dinner here looking for a quick local meal in tonight’s bad weather. Place is in old Noodle Fun restaurant in a very out of the way strip mall right outside Manalapan off of Union Hill Rd. Grand opening sign still up on front overhang. Had takoyaki squid balls and scallion pancakes for appetizers. Both good and fresh tasting though the pancake was small. Server was quick and attentive and brought out complementary edamame beans as well. I had the Shoyu Ramen and family both had
Tonkatsu. Broth was very good ingredients tasted fresh and price was reasonable. Definitely will return and hopefully will remember to take pics.


I don’t go to that area often but I did use to go to Noodle Fan and did remember seeing the sign of the ramen place but has totally forgot about it.

Thanks for the review and remind me of this place. Will definitely give it a try.

I know the weather was bad last night, was the restaurant busy at all ?

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It was empty…staff was very nice and appreciative of our presence. I think its just a difficult location.
there is not that much volume on there street even when there is good weather. Food was fine and I look forward to going again …however I am very local.

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I think I’ve come to accept other than one Greek spot I read about, Monroe doesn’t have too much in culinary delights. is that true?
Also the gas station tacos in the now BP was at one point mentioned; otherwise it’s a steady diet of Wawa in the area for me.

These are places in Monroe where I’ve been to and have no problem returning to if in.

Solid authentic inexpensive hole in wall
Address says Millstone … but not to far from Monroe
Good sit down Indian in old Luchentos spot


I’m a fan of the Manalapan Luncheonette just south of the auction. Not actually Monroe though.

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Manalapan luncheonette gets :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: solid old school joint!