Funeral Food


I have never eaten a tuna-noodle casserole, and I am the right age! I love delivering nibble food. Stuffed vegetables that can be quickly baked, Middle Eastern meze platters with raw vegetables and bread, quiche, as mentioned above, lasagna or any baked pasta with ricotta,[why is ricotta so comforting?], cold cut and bread platter for a make your own sandwich board, or a variety of green, potato and pasta salads.

(Kaleo) #22

Oh, I can top that. I had a dotty aunt who always brought a “salad” to family gatherings: Carrots and ham in lime jello mounted with Kool Whip. The antithesis of a crowd-pleaser, which I cannot untaste.



Thank you for all the suggestions and responses. I was a bit stunned, and blanked completely on what to make, even though I feed my son and his friends all the time.

I appreciate all these ideas, and will probably use many of your suggestions over the next few weeks. I especially like the idea of teaching the boys to make some of the dishes their dad used to make for them, and some of his famous block party foods, but I will wait a little while to do that.

I made and brought over a cottage pie the other night.


Cottage pie, a great choice!

(Brian Bulkowski) #25

If I was in LA and someone said “funeral food”, I would go to my local taqueria and get a few different 1lb containers of different meats, a stack of tortillas, a tub each of pico de gallo, red salsa, green salsa, chopped onions, limes ( mexicans don’t put cheese or crema on tacos, at least, I’ve never seen it, that’s on the tex side of texmex ). You can call that a meal - and scale it up to as many people as you want. Depending on the serving location, one can get a hotplate style thing to keep the meats warm, in which case you’d put the tortillas in a serving towel in a basket to warm up. Scales up and can be done in less than an hour.

I think once I brought a flat of eggrolls. Just called my favorite place and said “Yo, I need 100”, and picked up a big tray. Also nice because finger food ( like tacos above ).

It least in my world, funeral means standing around talking, circulating, but also being hungry - less about sitting down with forks.