Fun Food Pranks for April 1?

What’s up your sleeve for tomorrow, food prank-wise?

It’'s April 1 and we are getting 6 inches of snow. Can’t top Mother Nature.


Well, something comes to my mind, but strictly no trying it. This is a real incident that had happened in my country in 1955 during a total eclipse.
Some astrologer has said, as a prank, that women can get fairer if they drink a concoction made of “wada kaha” (Acorus calamus) during the eclipse. And did they drink it! It is said that they were taken to hospital in lorries, and hospitals were full. (Sri Lankans have brown skins, just take a look at my profile picture.)
Even today it’s remembered with a laugh, but I don’t think those who drank it would be laughing.
Here’s an old newspaper article I found online about it.

Yep, my offer to take off the studded tires today…“April Fool’s!”

Oh my, that doesn’t sound like a fun food prank at all!

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Oof. Playing on women’s insecurities about their dark complexions. Depressing.


RoadID/DogID makes ID tags for athletes and pets, respectively; I’m a huge fan of their products. They get in the April Fools fun every year - here’s what was in my inbox this morning:

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I just realized it is indeed April 1st.

The days, they just go by…

Here is one (oldish, from 2019) that someone sent me today. I hadn’t seen it before, so it got me. :laughing: