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I found out about Restaurant-ing Through History from a mention on Michael Stern’s Roadfood web site. I really enjoy it, and have learned a lot. This is the newest post:

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What a fabulous site! Thank you!

That looks worth exploring!

Along similar lines, a firm rave for Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink. It is a century’s worth of the best epicurean writing from the magazine.

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Thanks - sounds great!

Oh, this is so perfect for my interests - thank you!

Interesting article. I think it provides evidence, if such was needed, that the American custom of “eating out” was always much more established than here in the UK. Our town had a population of around 165k at the time of the Great War but, if you look at trade directories, there is hardly a mention of restaurants. And what there was, would have been clearly intended for the smallish group of the middle classes. I think things started to change towards the end of the war as government run, or sponsored, restaurants were established as a way of the country saving on scarce fuel and food resources. But, even here, these were places simply to get a meal, rather than a social occasion. Eating and drinking, as social events, became much more fashionable in the 1920s when the UK started its fascination with American social culture.

I love this!!