Fumi Curry House best Japanese curry in US? Anyone been? (SF La Lengua)

Japanese curry enthusiast and video game writer Chris Kohler recommended Fumi Japanese Curry & Ramen in a Japanese version of GQ magazine that adorns the Mission St. restaurant’s window. An English portion says, “Most Japanese Curry Rice in the US.”

My tweet to Kohler for an explanation was unanswered. Anyone been and if so what are your opinions on their currys?


the article on GQ Japan:

Google Translate of his section below. The translation is actually quite decent compared to those efforts from a few years ago. Maybe we can start reading foreign language food pubs to find food during excursions abroad.

Fumi Curry House (San Francisco)
Photos: Virginia Rollison
Words: Chris Kohler, Keishi Iwata @ GQ

My favorite Japanese food, curry rice
Colorful and vivid pork cutlet curry. The taste of curry coexistence with mellowness is just Japanese style. There are also original menus such as vegan chicken and shrimp tempura. 10.50USD

Chris Kohler, a reporter for “WIRED” in the US, loves curry like no other. Having stayed in Kanazawa for two years since 2001 and attracted by “go-go curry”, he still seeks “curry rice” even after returning to the United States.

"If you hear the most favorite Japanese food to a large number of Americans, you will not get lost and will answer with sushi, teriyaki chicken or ramen. When will they notice the appeal of Japanese curry? My city San Francisco is a town where gourmets gather, but I would like to recommend “Fumi Curry House”, located in the San Francisco’s Bernard Heights residential area, offering Japanese cutlet curry, like a home taste The curry fried pork cutlet and the set of fresh salad of the prepared eggplant prepared with fresh vegetables are wonderful.When you encounter such curry, I think that the Japanese food culture to be done is passion rather than just food. So you want the “curry rice boom” to be happening "

recommended by
Chris Kohler
Activities based in San Francisco. He reports on video games and writes to WIRED and various media. @ kobunheat

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