Full Key, Wheaton

I was a regular at Full Kee (not related to Full Key except phonetically) in Chinatown back in my working days. It’s gone alas, but Fully Key in Wheaton has much the same menu, including my favorite, the Hong Kong style noodle soup with shrimp dumplings, or with roasted duck . We went to Full Key over the weekend and boy is it good! Here’s the soup, minus a cup or so of broth I shared with Nancy.

I also like the decor

and the setting

and the price – I think it was $22 and change, including something for the governor.


Wow, that takes me back. I lived in DC in 1991-93 and had one of the worst first dates ever at Full Kee. I picked the restaurant and upon hearing that it was a Chinese place, the guy in question said “OK, I like crab rangoon.” I had the baby octopus. There was no second date.


On our first date, Kay ordered her hamburger well done. I am always pleasantly surprised that we made it to date 2 much less 42 years.


Just so there is no confusion, Full Kee in Chinatown still exists, albeit with different owners.