Fuku Hazlet- Sushi: a cut above

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So here is my new maxim for places like this:

Random Asian Dude In Paper Hat + Trainwreck Rolls made with White Tuna = Successful Jersey Sushi Joint

And the corollary:

(Mexican + Sushi) on menu = 1 hour in gut + 20 minutes on crapper + 10 minutes to clean under the rim.


Uh, no.


Are you all serious? Just don’t eat here if this looks so bad to you. The level of insults here is childish and uncalled for.

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Sockster, I totally agree. (And it must be nice to be able to order a plate without having any idea what it will cost.)


To be honest, I was doing omakase- in my two previous visits, nothing was over $14. Like I said in my comments, I think he got a little (maybe a lot) greedy.




God I suck. 78k this weekend. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh÷

You can’t catch fish on your couch.

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Honestly, I’d be really upset if that happened to me. I mean that’s like multiple Michelin star pricing.

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Hey @corvette_johnny is that a white “tuna” in the photo?


Yumi can charge $65 for a plate like that and it’s amazing and totally worth it- this one, not so much

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So I have received some private emails regarding this thread and as a result, after a little soul searching, I consulted the clergy:

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So @NotJrvedivici here is one just for you:

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And again, Mr Maguro

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You know I just went back and reviewed this thread.

I still pretty much feel exactly the same way about the random Fujianese Asian fusion places like Fuku and Yumi in NJ that are serving all kinds of crazy rolls, and any place that has white tuna on the menu.

They may call it sushi, but to me it isn’t. Sorry but I prefer real deal Japanese prepared by a properly trained sushi chef.

But if it’s your thing, by all means enjoy.