Fuku, East Village Manhattan

Want to share my experience on the spicy chicken sandwich at Fuku, the David Chang restaurant opened a couple months ago. This is the latest addition to the ever growing David Chang collection of restaurants.

  • The sandwich
    the chicken was moist, tender and taste chickeny. dark meat- yes dark meat for once. dark chicken meat is so much more flavorful than the breast (especially industrially produced chicken breast). obviously white meat is less fatty, but then again why are we eating steak in the next meal after we eat white meat chicken? the sandwich can come with daikon, pickle and ssam sauce. the sandwich was overall well flavored. Now, the caveats:

  • The place
    its a tiny space where you eat standing at high tables. basically designed to get you your food quickly and out the door. with that said, its still a little nicer to be able to sit down even if its simple food. afterall, while its not an issue for me, its
    NYC, where heels are prevalent.

  • The lines
    sometimes can get long, which can be annoying given eating the food doesn’t take that long.

overall, i’d gladly eat there, although i won’t go out of my way to do that.

What are people’s experience here?

The chicken is not too spicy to my delicate palate. My brother and wife love it but would not stand in line for.

The farro salad is a great deal as well.

I do miss Ko however.

i work near the newly opened Fuku+ inside of Ma Peche. the menu is a bit more diverse than the EV location, but it’s still really all about the chicken. the notable difference is the collabo with Danny Bowien on the Mission Chinese Fuku Fingers. it’s equal parts Fuku fried chicken and Mission Chinese chicken wing spice. awesome!

the menu is best enjoyed with a small group, as some dishes are pricey but small. a group of four could do well with the MCF Fingers, some fries, a Sichuan flatbread, and a mini Fuku sandwich. they also have a rotating salad, which i’ve viewed but not tasted. fried chicken > salad, all day.

What is Sichuan flatbread like? Is it similar to a paratha?

think mapo tofu pizza.

from Eater: “A layer of pork ragu, richly perfumed with bitter Sichuan peppercorns, sits atop a layer of aerated tofu (your mozzarella stand-in), and flatbread.”

Is that a traditional Sichuan thing or a fusion thing? I’m guessing a fusion thing.

I had very good flatbread in China, but it was in Dongbei - Changchun, to be specific. That’s really far from Sichuan!

not traditional. top results from google show Fuku and PF Changs!

Yeah those chicken fingers are amazing. Nice and spicy and crunchy and delicious. Perfect paired with the wedge salad which has the most bacony ranch dressing and is a great foil to the Sichuan peppercorns on the chicken.

They now serve pork nachos:

Went to Fuku+ for lunch yesterday. I am sad to report there were no longer any secret nachos, but the loaded fries looked good.
I had a spicy chicken sandwich. In a word, amazing! Think Chick-fil-a on steroids. Just the right level of heat, plain, simple and close to perfect. The best $8 I spent in a while.

Were you aware that Fuku+ along with Ma Pêche is closing on June 13th?

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I had no idea. Odd, as they did good business for lunch while I was there.