Fuck That's Delicious on Viceland

Anyone else a fan of this show? Action Bronson is hilarious. A food lover. And sometimes, a poet.

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Ftd is amazing! That guy is hilarious and eats at some really cool spots

I don’t think I would watch it simply because of the title.

I will readily defend robust language when used in context but I can’t see it in this case. After all how can you release your anger by swearing if all the good words become everyday speech.


You’re right Phil. This is why this show is on vice land and not on television. It is for off centered people like me. It isn’t for most people, but if you relate to it, then it is fun to let loose and enjoy people being themselves and not giving a damn.

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Reminds me of some of the Will Ferrell comedies I’ve seen, Talledega Nights in particular. Looks like a lot of fun to make. Is not that much fun to watch.

He’s so unhealthy looking. Even more than the vulgar language, it makes me cringe watching that video. He’s in his mid-30s, and has already had weight related emergency surgery. No thanks, not into death porn.

  1. Action Bronson is a rapper (and former working chef).
  2. I haven’t listened to his music much but apparently he raps about food a lot.
  3. He is a bit overweight.
  4. There is occasional colorful language and cannabis usage (see (1)).
  5. On cable TV, Viceland lists this show as “That’s Delicious” and bleeps out the profanity. The web clips and episodes available on their site are uncensored AFAIK.

“He is a bit overweight.” No. He is morbidly obese.

That said, I love the guy and his love of food. Esp the way he introduces new cultures to his posse.

If I am not mistaken, this board skews to Baby Boomers/elderly, so FTD might not be well-received. He excites a young generation to the food of other cultures in a way that amuses and invites them.

It does? I did not know that.

I must respectfully disagree. I’m from Los Angeles, but I think most large cities these days have large populations of emigrees from all over the world, not to mention all the cooking and travel shows most people grew up with. Eating sushi, papusas, or hummus is no big deal to kids.

I see your point but there are still many places where all that is available are chain restaurants and pizza shops.

And I’ll take it back - my generalization about the board’s demographics. I only read a few topics on this site so can’t pass an opinion on it in its entirety.

Well, this boomer expected to be turned off or annoyed by the schtick, but I loved the Barcelona clip. And other than recognizing the name, I really didn’t know who Action Bronson was. I had just as much fun watching his fellow travelers/buddies chowing down on the amazing Barcelona food scene. I’ll check out some more clips soon.

I really like his stuff. The thing that resonates with me is the fact that he is just himself. He isn’t out to impress anyone and he isn’t trying to be some food critic. He is just a regular dude that loves food. I happen to like his humor a lot…great show. It definitely is not for everyone but I enjoy it and the lack of “production” is a bonus…real guy, real food and real footage.

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I have a hard time thinking of this as a food show. The host uses so many distractions that unless someone like Batali shows up FTDs is more of a neighborhood hang out.