FU KEE Dim Sum and Bao, 9665 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill - GTA best frozen Cantonese Dim Sum purveyor has spread its wing up north.

For those of you foodies who live in the Richmond Hill/Markham area, Rejoice!
FU KEE , the frozen Cantonese Dim Sum, Bao and pre-cooked dish specialist has opened up a HUGE store at 9665 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, across from Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine.
Wall to Wall to Wall display fridges and freezers with tons of yummy, fine quality, selections.
FYI, Fu Kee’s chef/owner used to head the Dim Sum department of Skyview Fusion, Markham and has since opened up his ludicrous flagship business in Scarborough…reason why their steamed Cha-Siu-Bao is so good and restaurant quality like! Selection is more diverse than your normal, run-of-the mill Dim Sum restaurants and quality is way better than the other commercial supermarket products!