FSW Sale!!!

Thank you for bringing that up. Usually online companies don’t charge until your order ships, but I see they charged me at the time of purchase. I will keep an eye on it. But I still remain optimistic.

It looks like they charged my card as well, two days after ordering. I’ll give it another week or so before I start to wonder.

I did eventually get mine. And then just got an email that they have further reduced prices.

Just got my shipping confirmation this evening, so looks like all is well.

I just got a shipping confirmation on my 2nd order.

No news on my 7/25 order, yet.

I got my order yesterday! A co-worker ordered the same day and hasn’t received hers yet.

I been getting emails since I received my order. The last one announced this is the last week.

I got my 2nd order today. Almost 30 days after I placed it. I’m not complaining -

I got good stuff for a really cheap price.

When did you place your second order?

July 12.

Update: Coworker who placed her order 7/26 still hasn’t gotten it. She finally contacted them about it. They replied within a couple hours apologizing and saying it’s still in processing. So at least they’re responding to customers.

I forgot to report back but by 7/25 order arrived about 2 weeks ago.

If anyone is still waiting for delivery

I placed my order on August 10th and received one auto generated " still in processing " email … this morning there were nine boxes at my front door

Wow, nine boxes! That’s a lot of cookware!

I ordered 15 items
and don’t feel like un packing