Fruit trees diseases

Since 2-3 years, I’ve some fungus problem with my olive and dwarf peach tree, both grown in pots - the problem: Olive’s peacock eye and Peach Leaf Curl. I don’t know if they are or any relation but wet winters favour the spreading of the disease. I’ve tried Bordeaux mixture (fungicide contains copper) for 2 years, following the autumn-spring-autumn spray on leaves and poured some solution in the soil. I don’t see any improvement. Since the peach tree is next to the bay laurel, I start also seeing laurel leaves curl.

Any hint how to control the disease? All help will be appreciated! Thx!

Anybody can identify this pest? On olive trees, mine and all the 3 of my neighbour’s, covered with white fluffy stuff on especially on the blossoms or young leaves. Need to find a treatment. Thanks in advance.

When searched in the fluffy stuff, found these tiny insects.

Insects zoomed. Doesn’t look like a mealy bug to me.

Woolly aphids or Spittle bugs?


I think this is it. I cut the very badly infected branches and sprayed some vinegar over the whole tree. Will observe for a few more days, insecticide soap if necessary.

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Sounds like a good plan, please report back on your results…

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