Frozen yogurt: so many shops, so few pints

Anyone else wish there was more selection in frozen yogurt at the grocery store? There are self-serve yogurt shops all over town with their giant paper tubs, artificial flavors and candy toppings bars, so clearly there is a market for frozen yogurt. Admittedly, a franchisee pouring mix into a soft serve machine is a different business model than a commercial ice cream manufacturer, but still. Ben & Jerry’s makes a few favors and so does Haagen Dazs. There’s non-dairy “ice cream” and low fat “ice cream”, slow-churned, gelato and sorbet, but only a few varieties of fro-yo. What’s up with that? Maybe Fage or Chobani needs to partner with an ice creamery…

I’m located in Central NJ and the frozen yogurt craze hit my area about 5-6 years ago. Literally within a 5 mile radius about 12 frozen yogurt places opened, within 2 years maybe 1 or 2 remain. (sorry I’m not helping you with your pursuit of pints)

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I was up in Vancouver BC for my weekend and was looking for a pint of ice cream at Safeway to take back to my hotel room. The ice cream selection was pretty lame, but i did notice that they have a line of Greek yogurt based frozen concoctions. So I guess the Greek yogurt craze has moved into frozen desserts in at least one part of the world (but it was bigger than a pint so I didn’t try it). Canada, ahead of the curve again! :rage: