frozen wild shrimp at market basket (New England)

tonight at the nashua mb i found frozen, wild, gulf of florida shrimp. bags of 1 or 2 pounds with or without shell. 12 oz bag peeled. i bought a 1-pound bag to try at $13.99, i think? for those of you staying away from sketchy se asian farmed products this may be a good option.

they also had hard-shell lobsters for $6.99 pp, so that was dinner and the shrimp will be another time.

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Thanks on the info re: the wild Gulf shrimp, @hotoynoodle!

Good to know. About what size are the shrimp?

i bought small: 46/50; but i think there were other sizes.

Thanks. I need to make a MB run so I’ll check it out and grab a bag to stick in the freezer. Sadly, only 2 out of 4 in the family eat shrimp, so I only cook it when I’m up for doing multiple dishes.

I thought the unpeeled 40/50 count were $5.99 when I bought them the other day thawed in the seafood case. The larger size (somewhere around 20) were 9.99. Will have to go back and get more. They were pretty good.

the receipt says $8.99. these were with the other bags of frozen shrimp in a freezer chest. i wonder if the $5.99 price was to move out shrimp that had accidentally thawed?

Sorry I’m late to this shrimp discussion. We have been buying these Gulf shrimp, shell-on, for the last couple of years with no problem… Recently we have come to learn the shrimp do have a chemical wash to keep them fresh.

I don’t know if that’s a problem with anyone. It kind of is for me so now, if I can’t find US Wild Fresh Caught Shrimp elsewhere and if I really need them, I’ll buy the MB labelled Gulf Shrimp.

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i saw that on the label and it did make me frowny. i’ll be having some tomorrow for the first time so will decide if they are worth getting again.

i had some tonight for dinner, slow-cooked wit garlic, olive oil, red chili flakes and butter. they were fine – not great, but will be a good staple to keep in the freezer.


This week, Hannaford’s flyer shows 26-30 count raw, shell-on shrimp on sale for $5.99/#.
There’s no mention of source.

that means previously frozen, so, meh.

Aren’t most shrimp frozen while still on the boat?

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yes, but if they have been thawed, there is no telling how long they have been in that state. i don’t live anyplace with access to fresh shrimp so would rather buy them frozen.

It depends. My nephew gets thousands of pounds a day on his boat. He ices them down, then distributes them to different markets. What they do with them afterwards is up to them.

Then you have shrimp boats that go out for mos at a time. They are caught and immediately frozen. IQF.

Then you have boats that bring the shrimp directly to the processing plant. Drop them off, get paid.

So, it really depends.

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Sorry, tried to post a pic. Still learning…

Farm raised, from India. They are IQF. The fish counter is selling them thawed but the freezer chest has 1# bags, which is what I chose. I haven’t used any yet.

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