Frozen or refrigerated lasagna, eggplant parm, manicotti, cannelloni in Toronto

Has anyone tried the lasagna at Famiglia Baldassare?

I haven’t friend Bologna Pastificio’s lasagna, either.

Amico Bakery looks promising.
Lasagna is on the catering menu, 2 sizes.

I’ve read some online articles on lasagna in Toronto but they’re a little outdated.

I want to buy some friends several prepared Italian mains for Xmas, that can be kept in a freezer.

I would prefer that the lasagnas or other mains be portions for 2 people or 4 people, rather than a lasagna for 8 or 12.

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We haven’t tried the lasagna at Famiglia Baldassare, but if the other pastas we tried are any indication, it’s probably darn good.

I don’t know if La Palma is doing takeout anymore, but we liked their 100-layer lasagna.


Thank you!!

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