front page ideas

I notice that the most traffic is under “USA”, second is “general discussion” third is “home cooking”… yet “usa” is pretty far down the list.

I would propose a front page where:
the first is “regions” ( don’t call it USA ), listing all regions by traffic volume (including international), ( Or keep North America - International , just put them as the first two ). I would bundle Canada into USA and call them international, just looking at the traffic stats.

then home cooking… food media… drinks … chains… and on down by traffic volume.

“General discussion” and “site improvements” is interesting, because it’s not food oriented. I would tend to put it further down on the list (but how far? It is #2 in traffic right now), or I would consider putting it elsewhere - like a button at the top or something. My personal opinion would be to put the two of them last, because it’s less important than food.


I like the idea too. one region board is sufficient. Now is a little too fine and cluttered.

Let’s put general discussion at the bottom for a couple of days and see how it goes. as you say its a lot of traffic. although its not necessarily food traffic. so let’s see a reordering will spark some more food discussions.

Thanks for the feedback.

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