From where should we get pizza on a Monday?? [Somerville/Cambridge]

Well, after 9 months of no school functions, no birthday parties, no impromptu neighborhood dinners, it’s happened! We actually want to get a pizza. Turns out it’s not so easy. I mean, I could just order from Pini’s and recreate those PTA events of yore. But I hoped for something better; a couple of special pizzas if you will. Among the places I’ve considered:

Eat at Jumbo’s -want to support their reopening- closed Monday
Dragon Pizza- unclear on website, likely closed Monday
Flatbread- one of our favorites- closed til spring
Semolina Kitchen- closed Monday
Mortadella Head- ruled this out- family was not impressed last time
Oath- I don’t think they will travel well, we’re pausing them til spring

What else have you got? Where am I not considering?

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If you have an OTTo pizza nearby, they are pretty good. Apart from their mashed potato pizza, that has just crushed potatoes with the skin on. I’m also a big fan of Blaze pizza, super-thin crust, and unlimited toppings.

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Area Four has the best pizza in Boston and easy pickup. Pick the clam and mushroom with two of their appetizer salads


@Parsnipity Sorry I’m getting this so late and way past useful time for you. I purposefully put my phone down so I can hang with spring onion on his remote days. For perhaps next time, B loves Joe Pizza in West Medford, which is conveniently located right next to a Giles Wine shop. His go-to is the pollo pesto and mine is the spinach-mushroom. I always get a small, he always gets a large. They do a good cheese pizza for picky spring onions.


Oh, and the Detroit pizza at Avenue in Ball Sq. is AWESOME. We ate in once during Covid times, felt safe, and ate some of the most delicious pizza ever. And received great service.

Thanks, all! We ended up with very respectable pizzas from Otto. We’re exactly equidistant from the Harvard Square and Arlington locations, but apparently too far for either to deliver, but pickup was smooth. (I know, third party apps- I avoid them)

@digga next time, definitely going to try Joe Pizza. My all-time greatest pizza is the chicken pesto from Baba Louie’s in Great Barrington, so any chicken pesto variety is required eating for me. I like Avenue’s pizza but we were more in a thin crust kind of mood. Also, I have trouble remembering Avenue when I’m not looking to eat outdoors & it’s such a short walk from me that I can barely justify driving over for takeout. I know, problems!


I avoid third-party apps and frankly all delivery like the plague/coronavirus. Third-party apps are such parasites and I think by the time delivery gets to you, the food has suffered so I’d rather go pick it up myself.

Feels like eons ago since I have had Baba Louie’s. I wonder how those guys and others out in the Berkshires are doing.

I like pizza logistics problems! Good problems to have.


They don’t HAVE to be parasites. If a third-party delivery service was really better, did a great job for the customers, treated its employees well, and was helpful to the restaurants instead of intrusive and cumbersome, it could be a good thing overall. But I think none of them so far have done that.