From the nooo! it's closed department, Louisiana Foods storefront deli.Houston, Texas

The Wifeacita and I stopped by for some excellent fried catfish and found them to be no mas.

They were recently bought by Sysco and I guess it didn’t fit the bottom line despite the fact they were always packed.

I need a new source for shucked oysters and MY HEB is not an option with the prices they charge. I might as well by lobster. Sometimes they mark down big tubs after Thanksgiving, but it looks like trips to Seabrook to satisfy my cravings.


I am not happy with this news.

I was afraid this might happen.

Is it the end times??

Okay Senor Ostiones, or anyone, where we gonna get some oysters? I think I went the whole season last year without slurping a single one; I’m not going to let that happen this year.

I went to the seafood place inside the Foodtown on BW 8 @ Beechnut - have bought Jeri’s (shucked) there many times. None. Didn’t ask the solitary clerk who was busy with other customers why they didn’t have any. I’ll be back this next week.

Went to JJ’s on Woodvalley, off Stella Link inside 610, where I have also many times bought Jeri’s - they had shucked oysters, no labels. I went ahead and got some. Not as good as I remember Jeri’s.

Looked up Jeri’s; no indication they’re out of business. Is it too early?

I have bought the Willamette (?) oysters from the West Coast at WM before, saw them also this week at my HEB. Not as good as Jeri’s, again.

I’ve had Gulf oysters several times so far this season and they haven’t been good at all. I found them watery and bland.

Hopefully they’ll get better as the weather cools.

Fear not - Winter is coming.

It seems like it but as much as I hate it there is an evolution

C’mon man the specifics. Where did you feed? How much dinero? Did you ask which bay they came from? The sacks of oysters have a tag telling where they were from. The quality varies by bay every year.

I don’t usually eat raw oysters until after Christmas. Unfortunately, prices are like crawfish, stupidly high so it’s a do at home thing.

My dish of choice lately has been live blue crabs. More on that later.

By the way, TU poached coach Tom from my Coogs. I wish him all the best after he flames out in Austin. Remember, he got creamed by SMU this year. Think about it.

I was at H Mart on Blalock procuring some live blue crabs and noticed they had oysters in the shell for 4 bucks a pound, not sure what that translates to a dozen. I need to ask my crab man where they came from.

MY HEB had jeri’s after thanksgiving 35 dollars in the shell fifty count. It’s not a regular item. What’s that, about 9 bucks a dozen.

Last year MY HEB had malpeques at a crazy high price, but very delicious.

A few years ago I got some salty blue points at Airline Seafood on Richmond, but a few weeks later they were just okay.

I have a recipe for oysters Rockefeller from Angelo’s Fisherman’s Wharf if anyone cares. It really replicates the who knows how many I wolfed down from the all you can eat specials.

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I had some at Danton’s happy hour special…$10/doz and only ordered one doz, bland as you say. Too early. On the other hand some East Coast oysters at Pappadeaux were great but pricey. Maybe January. I don’t buy them for home consumption, I’ve never opened one and am accident prone with simpler kitchen tools.

I just got six in shell oysters from H Mart for eight bucks, yikes. The first three were okay, not much liquor but the last three were quite briny and full of liquor.

I’m not sure where they came from, other than the shucker saying the came from the US. They sure didn’t look like the many hundreds of Galveston Bay oysters I’ve shucked.

The Jeri’s oysters I got last week from the Fiesta on Wayside were much better than the no-name oysters I got from J & J but still not as good as I remember. I’ll just have to wait like everybody else. I thought I remembered having an oyster stew for Thanksgiving in the past but perhaps I’ve got my holidays mixed up.

I was checking out Jeris’ online and watched their video on You Tube. I was over there once but it was on the weekend. Maybe I’ll head over there after the first of the year.

Also watched some TP&W videos about oyster reef restoration and Dr. Sammy Smith and Robb Walsh’s slide show from his Sex Death and Oysters. I’m hongry!

Came across Louisiana Foods site. The history says they were sold to Sysco in 2012. I didn’t remember it had been that long. I sure miss the Total Catch market; was that already gone by then? Jim Gossen’s blog hasn’t been updated since 2012 so I guess the handwriting was on the wall.

Correction: Dr. Sammy Ray - since deceased. One of the founders of TAMU-Galveston.

Quite a life story. (Robb Walsh/Houstonia)

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If you’re still around, @brucesw, I actually just read this article you posted 3 years ago. REALLY interesting story! Someone should write a book.