Friendly Toast, Burlington MA

Passing by yesty, I noticed that the sign beneath the Burlington Mall’ s main entrance said it is now open, beside Besito. There is an outside entrance.


For all of the Mall walkers early in the morning, I don’t know if this is a good or not so good thing. :). But thanks Grey!

I had a very late lunch there yesty. Only a few tables were occupied at 3:30. It was my first time at a Friendly Toast. Many choices appealed to me, but I chose the Ann Marie’s Quesadilla because the idea of maple sour cream needed exploration. It provided great balance for the spice of the roasted corn salsa and the vegetarian sausage, which could fool Jimmy Dean. A very delicious dish.

I dislike dark roast coffee, which is what they serve. But these days, it seems the only places that offer regular roast are Dunkin and Panera. Sigh. The multiple-pierced young server had the casual attitude that replaces inobtrusiveness in his generation, but he was pleasant and attentive. The place was noisy despite not being busy, so avoid it if you want to linger for quiet conversation.