Friend in a wheelchair coming to Portland next week


My friend Rowan is staying downtown near the waterfront. I came up last year but am much more mobile than she is. Any suggestions for interesting things to do or places to eat? Powell’s is unfortunately out because of her severely arthritic hands. Any hidden gems the regular tourists haven’t found yet?

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hey, I would like to know if your friend has a electric wheelchair, as I’m an invalid and I would like to purchase an electric wheelchair, however, I’m not well versed in electric wheelchair

How about the food trucks. They are a great time. You can stroll down the street and see all the different food and obviously pick out some of your favorites on your walk.

Sadly, there are still restaurants that aren’t prepared to receive disabled people inside. We’ve been to a few restaurants with a friend of mine, which unfortunately lost his mobility after a car accident. I was disturbed by the fact that they were looking at us like we were aliens. My friend felt uncomfortable, and I did too. The next time that we went out, we just bought food from a fast-food truck. He has an old wheelchair and it’s not very comfortable to go to town with it. In an article about the best electric wheelchair in the world, I saw an IMC Heartway Rumba HP4, which I might buy for him, as a gift. Some reviews on that wheelchair guys? Is it good for long-distance rides?