Fried Bacon at Ciro's - Houston

Ciro’s has been around forever, but I really have only recently started frequenting it after my beloved fish place next door shuttered and the manager hopped over to Ciro’s.

As Italian goes, it’s not the best in town, but it is a friendly homey place and the zuchilini is a hit in our house as a sub for pasta (zuchini noodles available as a sub on any dish). One downer as I see it is the heavy breading they use on the fried stuff. I wish it were lighter and crispier.

Each day offers new specials and this weekend the app was fried bacon with a ranch and pesto sauce. It was pretty tasty but I once again wished for a lighter breading.

Just thought I’d share, what did you eat this weekend?

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Polish Church fish fry Friday night, Las Perronas tortas on Bingle Saturday, boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce with fresh 16-20 Gulf shrimp from MY HEB.

The bacon was breaded? That would be beyond my rank in our kitchen! :laughing:

Yes, I’ve seen chicken fried bacon in these parts, but not Italian breaded bacon!

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Not previously frozen?

The sign says fresh and it’s not uncommon at MY HEB, they also label previously frozen. They look fresh and I trust MY HEB more than the markets in Seabrook, some don’t even post wild or farm raised.

They were 11.97 by the way.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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