Friday night seafood dinner and saturday brunch

Hubby and i are excited to be back to SF for a few days. Looking for suggestions for a late® Friday night dinner (around 9-10pm) - prefer seafood (not chinese preparation) - love fresh grilled fish, oysters, crabs - a nice patio would be a plus. We are in our 30’s and like a fun vibe with good cocktails and wine list. We will be staying at the Westin St. Francis.

Would like to do a nice brunch/lunch on saturday - again, probably seafood. Thinking of a nice lobster roll :-). Would prefer a place that takes reservations and in/around Union Square or the Wharf.

Price point is not important.

Thank you !

I cannot think of any restaurants that meets your needs. 9-10:00 is very late.

Outdoors at 9-10:00 is cold.

I do not know of any restaurants serving brunch.

Lobster roll is in the tenderloin.

I would like to read your trip report.

I have not been to the Market street location, but suggest: Woodhouse Fish for lobster rolls.

I am in my 60’s and like a library vibe.

For slightly upscale seafood check out Waterbar, not in Union Square/Fisherman’s Wharf but not too far away, on the Embarcadero. You can possibly get a nice view of the bay there too, and they have a patio. They also have a happy hour with $1.05 oysters Monday to Friday from 11:30am until 5:30pm. They do close at 10 though. SF restaurants in general don’t stay open very late. They also open for lunch and take reservations.

Not strictly a seafood restaurant, but La Ciccia in Noe Valley has some really good seafood dishes, including a spaghetti with bottarga, a spicy octopus stew, and seared prawns. They also have a whole fish prep that I haven’t tried. Closes at 10. You didn’t specify when you will be visiting, but according to Opentable they are closed until July 21 for vacation.

I like Hog Island Oyster Co. for seafood in the Ferry Building (Embarcadero) as well for lunch or dinner. They don’t take reservations but the line usually moves pretty quickly though it can get long on the weekends. They also have some outdoor seating. They close at 9pm though, so maybe too early for your dinner.

There is also a newish place in the Financial District that looks good - Leo’s Oyster Bar - that I have been wanting to try but haven’t gotten around to yet. Looks like they are open until 11 on Fridays.

Other ideas for a seafood lunch (but don’t take reservations):
Anchor Oyster Bar in the Castro - good neighborhood place but no reservations and small. There will probably be a line. Can also be possibly dinner - closes at 10.

Swan Oyster Depot if you don’t mind waiting in line (also no reservations and small). They are closed until the 10th of July.


Welcome to Hungry Onion! Where are you coming from?

Plenty of non-local and delicious seafood to chose from, but to sample some things you might not be able to get elsewhere consider Note that local crab season is over, and lobster rolls, owing to lobster being non-local and New England style rolls not being commonly available, tend not to be as good as in New England-- there are exceptions, but i can’t vouch for anything near Union Square. Some other local seafood:

Cala is a short ride away from Union Square, and the endless seafood preps from Gabriele Camara, who came from Contramar in CDMX, may be of interest to you.

Just like JMat said, summer evenings in SF can be foggy and chilly.

I don’t know about others here, but I generally avoid the wharf, and eating at the wharf, like the plaque.