Fresh Market Closing in Houston

I got an email this morning that the four Fresh Market stores in Houston are closing and starting today, everything is 30% off.

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They were just bought by Apollo Global Management, like literally last month … They are taking them private…I’m not loving this trend

Well, to be honest I wasn’t their biggest fan. I love to cook and I go grocery shopping just for fun. I will typically hit three, four or five grocery stores in a weekend.

I only went to Fresh Market, which was more or less on my way home, rarely and almost always just for the Tuesday, $2.99/lb ground meat specials. It was just too pricey for most things.

As an example, I went by the day I posted the original snippet above and even at 30% off, I noticed that most items were still just about the normal price every where else. I picked up some curry sauces, mustard, ciabatta, and maybe a couple of other things. I saw a lot of people buying cases of wine and beer, chocolate, meat, etc.

But I can get almost all those things at cheaper prices anywhere.

That’s my usual long winded way of saying, “Oh well. I won’t miss them much.”

Our store is within walking distance of Trader Joes and that is a plus
and the employees for the most part are as nice
some of the things I like
pork chops
variety of ice cream
fresh market tuna in olive oil, excellent
greeting card selection
prices are so out of control in this area that they are actually not too bad
compared to some

I immediately sent your information to my sister in the Houston suburbs. She has very much enjoyed The Fresh Market in her area, as have I, in Florida. She was already up to speed and got back to me with her disappointment. She liked the service especially in their butcher department. Since Florida’s The Fresh Markets seem spared for the moment, I offered to send her a chicken breast every now and then, maybe with a couple of ice chips for the long trip.
More seriously, I did find on-line that California TFM locations closed up about a year ago, and the latest closings affect ALL TFM stores in Iowa, Kansas, Texas, and Missouri. Total of 13, which I didn’t think was a lot of coverage for 4 states. But a serious blow for their customers in the places where they did have a presence.
Thanks for the information and link.

Starting today, everything [left] is 50% off.