Fresh Local Halibut, NW Washington

Hope I’m doing this right…

Tonight chance brought us fresh local (Puget Sound) halibut, in the form of amazinly delicious English style fish an chips. My favorite F&C is Hawai’ian ono, but this halibut is amazing. I’m going to try finding some halibut cheeks before this opening’s catch sells out.


The market @ Fisherman’s Terminal seems to have halibut, though not necessarily cheeks:

Let us know how it works out!

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Would you use the cheeks to make fish and chips? I tried halibut cheeks thanks to your recommendation. I pan fried them like scallops. They’re a great treat. The flesh is a little stringy if I recall, so I wonder if battered and fried works well.

If handy and if you have time, please consider posting a link to your preferred batter recipe and fries recipe, too.