Fresh 15-20 Gulf white shrimp at HEB

Through Tuesday, beautiful at 7.97. They also have 7.99 red snapper but they were tired and small.

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I guess that’s a “whole fish” price?

Yep, filets are about 23 bucks a pound.

I haven’t received my circulars for last week yet. They are apparently one of the select pieces of mail the USPS decided to heed my ‘hold’ order on; or maybe they were stolen out of my mail box? I returned to a stuffed mail box.

The special will probably be listed in my circular, supposedly specific for my local store, but the store, on S. Braeswood, won’t have them, nor will the Bellaire store, although they will have some shrimp, a smaller size, with signage indicating their on sale. The only shrimp at my neighborhood store is in the freezer section.