Fresco's Malden MA

I was made aware of this place by @passing_thru, and after reading the reviews of their lobster roll, I had to try it. It was outstanding, even at $21.50. There must have been four or five tails in there. Some mayo and some finely diced celery didn’t distract from the fresh lobster. The fries were terrible, way overcooked. I’ll be back to try their haddock sandwich that has also received lots of accolades.



this place makes the best super beef around, too. their fried seafood also looks really good…

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My wife and I ate at Fresco’s on our recent trip to the Boston area. She had the roast beef sandwich, and I had the lobster roll. They usually serve them cold, with celery and mayonnaise, but since they make them fresh for each customer, I had no problem in getting one that was hot, no celery, and with melted butter. I cannot remember ever enjoying a lobster roll more. It was much superior to the one my wife tried at Matunuck’s a few days later. My wife’s roast beef was also good, but the lobster roll was the star of the show.