Frenchy's Flagship opens - Finally. (Houston)

Just now??? I didn’t realize - I thought it opened soon after the original closed. Gotta see this.

Meanwhile, on a related note, I used to have 3 Frenchy’s within about 3-4 miles of me. Now there’s only one. The earliest (and greasiest) is now part of a Valero station, inside, sharing the ‘dining area’ with a Subway.

The best one, closest to me, closed and became a wings place which went bye-bye in a flash and is now a taqueria (there have been several small, hole-in-the-wall Mexican places open in recent years around me) while the third, which became a Catfish Station, closed and is now a, hmmmm, tax office and beauty supply??? I think most if not all of the Catfish Stations went out of business.