French Press, Needham MA

In searching for a coffee shop in the Needham/Newton area, I came across the newish French Press. I had a regular drip coffee and a ham and cheese croissant. The coffee was decent, not particularly complex but it was strong enough to have a little bite. The croissant was very good, flaky and buttery and crisp with a decent amount of ham and cheese inside and some browned cheese on the outside. I would get it again. I also got a tasty, if very pink, raspberry macaron.

The baked goods looked quite good and seem to be made in-house. I could do without the almost neon levels of food coloring, though. They are beautiful enough on their own.


Wow, those are some technicolor macarons. What’s a Kouigin Amann? Those look interesting.

I’ve never had one, and far from trying to bake them myself. Very interesting pastry however. I was a miserable failure at baking croissants at home.

Well done, they can be shatteringly spectacular. I too, have not attempted any laminated dough. Maybe that will be my goal in 2018.

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Agreed! Kouign Amann is very good, I love-hate this dessert (so tasty but loaded with butter!)

When my Brittany neighbour went away for vacation, I kept their cat and their garden alive, in return, they always bring me the best Kouign-Amann as gift!

@bear, indeed a decent bakery. I agree with you on the neon colour macaron, they are so over abused even in the best bakeries in France.

I wonder what is that all black cake next to the bloody orange mousse? Is it liquorice or chocolate?

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I’m thinking it was chocolate, but can’t remember. That Kouign Amann looks amazing! I agree, sooooo delicious and almost pure butter.